Idaho Cattle Association Membership Application

Complying with the new tax law, ICA estimates that 16.2% of the dues payment is not deductible as a business expense because of ICA’s direct lobbying activities on behalf of its members. Charitable contributions or gifts to ICA and/or NCBA are not tax deductibe for federal income tax purposes. However, tax deductible contributions can be made to CALF (Cattle Association Legal Fund).

Automatically Calculate the Total Membership Dues & Donations

Voting Membership


All members of the ICA will receive the Line Rider, NewsBrief and Executive Update (email required) These publications are informative and keep you updated on issues and events happening here in Idaho.

Cow/Calf Dues

# of Head Dues
1-100 $150
101-200 $190
201-300 $270
301-400 $350
401-500 $430
501 & Up $150 + Fair Share*
* Fair Share
# of head x $0.80 /cow = Total:

Feeder and Stocker Dues

Number of beef or dairy cattle marketed x $0.19 / head. (feeder or stocker) $150 minimum.
# of head x $0.19 /head = Total: $0.00
Non-Voting Memberships

Associate Membership

Available to non-producers only.

Allied Industry
Organizations who do business at a state, regional or national level
Local Associate
Organizations who do business at a local or community level
Industry Supporter
Non-producer or former producer receives the Line Rider and convention/mid-year information only.

Idaho CattleWomen

ICW Council Only $20
ICW Council & Voting ICA $150

Student ICA Membership

Non-Voting ICA Membership $15
National Dues (Optional)

NCBA Membership Dues (Optional)

Please select the option that best describes your primary operation.

Cow/Calf Producer Dues:

Cow/Calf Producer Dues

# of Head Dues
1-100 $125
101-250 $250
251-500 $375
501-750 $550
751-1000 $750
1001-1250 $950
1251-1500 $1150
1501-1750 $1350
1751-2000 $1550
2001 & Up $1550 + Fair Share*
* Fair Share  
# of head x $0.31 /head = Total:

Stocker/Feeder Dues

$125 + # of head x $0.31 /head = Total: $0.00

Associate Dues (Non-Cattle Owner/Non-Voting)

Business Supporting Member $200
Individual Supporting Member $150
Student Membership $50

Donations (Optional)
Cattle Association Legal Fund (CALF) $ $1 Total:
To provide assistance to those who are involved with precedent-setting litigation affecting the cattle industry, particularly in protecting property rights.
Donate to PAC: $ $1 Total:
To provide college scholarships to Idaho students pursuing degrees in agriculture.
ICW Scholarship Fund: $ $1 Total:
To support candidates that support the cattle industry.
Donate to the Foundation: $ $1 Total:
To protect and defend grazing on public lands.

Total Membership Dues & Donations: $

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